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I'm going to show you
A Simple Strategy To Help You Save Money From Day 1!
The Mindset Hacks of the Wealthy (and how YOU can use them to Fast-Track Your Success)
How To Set Goals That Make Your Heart SING - and then SMASH them out the park!  
 Get Rid of Debt FAST and Say GOODBYE to Financial Slavery!
What Can I Expect? 
Here's what we'll be doing over the 4 week program. 
Module 1 - Getting Ready
  • Introduction and overview of our Budget Planning Template
  •  Mindset - discover the hidden beliefs that are holding you back, and techniques to overcome them  (This is a game-changer!)
  •  How to make sure our short term 'wants' don't sabotage our long term success
  •  How to manage finance-based conflict in relationships and create a fresh start.
Module 2 - Gathering Data and Expense Optimisation
  • Learn a quick and easy way to categorise your spending - no need to spend hours going through line by line! 
  • Deep-dive into your expenses and discover the spending habits that are tripping you up
  •  Step-by-step help to set up your planner
  •  Instant strategies to put more money in your pocket and save thousands of dollars every year 
  •  Want financial freedom ASAP?  We show you the ONE thing that makes ALL the difference!
Module 3 - Planning and Goal Setting
  • How to set REAL goals that make your heart sing!
  •  Create time-lines for your goals so you know EXACTLY when your debt will be gone and you can buy that car/house/investment property
  •  Discover how to have your 'right now' wants without any guilt ( AND without making your partner cranky!)
  •  Free yourself from debt ASAP with our Accelerated Debt Reduction plan! 
Module 4 - Putting It All Together
  • Automate your money and never miss a bill again!
  •  Keep life simple with our easy account management system
  •  Discover your ruling Money Type and stop self-sabotaging your finances!
  •  Learn quick and easy ways to keep on top of your spending without spending hours each month! 
Free access to The Money Tribe for additional support and training!
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?
This program is $197.  I don't want cost to be a hurdle to anyone accessing the tools and knowledge they need, so there are payment plans available.  Email for more information.
How long does the program go for?
The course goes over 4 weeks.  There are 4 modules and they get released each week.  This is done to ensure all lessons are absorbed and nothing is missed by skipping ahead.  Once the module is released, you can take as long as you need to complete them. 
What if I need help?
We're here for you!  You have access to my private email address, and LIVE catch-up calls to make sure you're moving through without problems.   The best thing about this program is that you're not in it alone.  All members are invited to be a part of The Money Tribe Facebook group - this allows us to provide support, share knowledge and glory in each others wins. :-)
Can I get one-on-one coaching? 
You sure can!  It costs extra, but if you find you need extra support it can be a great option to help you on your way. 
How is the program delivered?
The course is completely online.  There are some downloadables to assist the process, and The Money Tribe for community support and questions.  You will need an internet connection to complete the course.
I'm not in Australia - can I benefit from this course?
Absolutely!  Some aspects may not work - for eg, the specific apps we use may not work in your country but there are usually equivalents that you can use - we're not precious about the tools you use to make it work, as long as you can get the results!   
The lessons are universal and applicable no matter which country you're in. 
Having trouble signing up?
Make sure your pop-up's aren't blocked.  If that doesn't help, email and we'll sort it out for you. :)
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