Want to discover the next HOT suburb...
In Just HOURS?
(...and not Days, or WEEKS...)
...WITHOUT Drowning In a Sea of Data?

Research Rescue is a bundle of my BEST research tools and training that will reduce your research time, obliterate the overwhelm and make sourcing that next growth suburb a breeze.

The FASTEST way to grow your wealth is to buy a property in a growing suburb...

Sounds good, right?  But there's a huge problem

There is just SO MUCH INFORMATION out there... 


How the HECK are you supposed to find the needle in that haystack? 

And quite frankly...

Ain't nobody got time to spend 12 hours a day...

7 days a week...


Just sayin'. 

Of course, a Buyers Agent will happily take the task off your hands...

For about $15,000. 

Now, I don't know about you...

But, virus or no virus, I'd rather book a month in the Caribbean with that kind of cash ;)

So - I have good news for you! 

If you've ever wanted to gain property skills that you can use over and over... 

As you grow a portfolio chock-full of high-performance properties...

Then the next few scrolls will make you a very happy person. 

If you don't know how to sort the duds from the diamonds...

Or, if you're drowning in data and can't make head or tail of it...

Let me show you how to research and find a suburb that's gonna grow like gang-busters...without sacrificing your life in the meantime. 

You CAN research and find a suburb that's primed for growth...

In just a few hours.

Even if you're not the research-y type.

(It sounds like a big promise, I know.)

But the truth is, researching property doesn't have to be overwhelming. 

You don't need to spend hours trawling the internet...

Then DAYS...trying to make sense of all the data...

Before finally, in desperation, buying something - ANYTHING! - just to finally be done with the process.   

When I started out investing in property, the LAST thing I wanted to do was spend my time researching...

In fact, I was more inclined to SKIP the whole process, take a punt and hope for the best. 

(PS - that doesn't go well, guys...)

So I KNEW I had to make the research process simple...or, I simply wouldn't do it....


I'd grit my teeth and dive in, only to get so overwhelmed with all the information that my brain froze and refused to take in a single bit more. 

AND add to my woe...

I was already neck deep and choking in research...

and I was only 10 suburbs in...of the 3800 suburbs in Australia. 

There was a simple way to nail the research?

A QUICK way...

That could SLASH the time it took to get laser-focused on the RIGHT suburbs...

And put an end to analysis paralysis forever? 

Now, wait - before you click away and say
"As if, what the heck would she know...?"  Hear me out. 

I'm going to show you my secret formula to getting rid of 99.5% of suburbs in literally no time. 

Fact is, most people start looking for their next property by looking at property....


You're looking for a needle in the haystack...but I'm going to show you how to get rid of all the hay before you even start searching for the needles. ;) 

Finding your next investment property does NOT have to be complicated!

That's why I'm offering you access to 
Research Rescue 
the "No-Fluff" Super-Fast Property Research System...

For only $37!  

What would your property investment success look like if...
  • Each property was well researched...and not a 'Put it On Black!' scenario
  • ​You were confident in your decision-making...and not worried about burning your life savings on something that won't perform
  • ​You had an easy, rinse and repeat system to find great suburbs, every time
  • ​You could head directly to the RIGHT resources online, and stop wasting time filtering noise and opinion.
  • ​You could stop wasting precious time trawling through "NO" Suburbs, and head straight to the "YES's"...
  • ​Save $10-$15k on each property you buy!  (No more Buyers Agent Fees!)
  • No more hoping and praying that you're making the right decision! 
But don't take my word for it...
So what's inside? 
  • The Research Rescue System Training: Cut through the noise, get organised and save ALL THE TIME using our unique resources  - I'll show you how!
  • ​Suburb Secrets Training:  Discover how to reject 99.5% of suburbs before you even begin your search - this training will change your life as a property investor, and was previously only released to my highest paying coaching clients!
  • Suburb Filter System:  Easily filter the YES and MAYBE suburbs as you go (The no's don't even make it this far!) This spreadsheet knocks outs the worst contenders while it guides you through the important research points so you can NAIL the research but NEVER spend a second longer than you should...even if you're brand new to property investing! 
  • Research Rescue Trello Board:  Game-changer alert!  Can you imagine having ALL your research at your fingertips...organised...and accessible?   Say goodbye to over-stuffed note-books, lost phone numbers, and never knowing quite where you're up to! 
  • ​My Little Black Book:  Head DIRECTLY to the online resources you need...without wasting time on the ones you don't... with this comprehensive check list of online resources.   

In's everything you need to to NAIL your research...

CUT the time commitment...

And FILL your portfolio with high-performance properties...


What's Research Rescue Worth To YOU?

Would $37 be worth it, if it saved you a $15,ooo buyers agent fee...even just once? 

What if it meant you could enjoy more time with your kids and family, instead of MORE hours staring at a computer screen? 

Would it be worth it, if it meant avoiding a lemon property that would suck cash from your pocket for the next 30 years? 

Or if it simply cut the overwhelm so you could FINALLY pull the trigger with confidence?

The good news is...Research Rescue will do ALL those things for you...and more.
Buy now and transform the way you find property forever!
What if I've never researched or bought property before?
That is perfectly fine!  :)  Our Suburb Filter Step-By-Steps you through all the data you need to cover it's perfect for anyone who doesn't quite know where to start!

 Does this guarantee that I'll find a suburb that will grow?
Unfortuantely, thee are no guarantees when it comes to investing in property...there's ALWAYS a risk it won't work out.   What Research Rescue WILL do is firmly stack the odds of a successful investment in your favour.  

Why is Research Rescue so cheap?
There's 2 reasons.

Firstly...I'm not gonna lie - I've got a plan ;)  I want you to dig in, see what I offer, and love me forever.   And...hopefully we can work together some more.

Second - research sucks, and it's easy to skip it...but that's the number 1 way to sabotage your investing.  So I wanted to make it so dang affordable that buying it (and using it) is a complete no-brainer. 

What if I'm not the analytical type?
More of a big picture, ideas kinda person?

Oh, I feel ya!  Quite frankly, I'd rather do anything than sit and research property...but if you're going to be a successful investor, it's just one of those sucky jobs we need to get done.   

THANKFULLY - Research Rescue makes the whole process super easy, even if the whole idea of researching makes you want to cry. 

When do I get access to the products and files? 
Within 1 business day.   We're working on automating the log-ins, but we're not quite there so our amazing team are currently setting you up manually. 

You'll be emailed your log-ins so make sure you white-list, or they may end up in your junk folder.  (Nooooo!) 

What if I decide Research Rescue isn't for me? 
I actually want you to try Research Rescue...because I know it works. 

But you don't - yet!

So if you don't like it, or don't think it's as game-changing as I do...just let me know within 7 days and I'll refund your money.  

No questions asked!

Ready to Find Your Next Investment Property...