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What 'not' to buy
Learn how to recognise the high-risk properties that will stunt your portfolio, so you can stack the odds in your favour from the start!
Discover the 'Gotcha's' when buying OTP, and what you can do to protect yourself!
How to Choose your Investment advisor
We'll show you how to tell if they're 'actually' an advisor, or a sales-person in disguise!
Learn my favourite loan hack to reduce your risk, slash mortgage insurance costs and set yourself up for investment success!
and more...
Hi, I'm Jess Peletier - Owner and Head of Strategy at Seed Financial.
Our special report - The Top 3 Mistakes Property Investors Make -    has been responsible for allowing property investors to side-step common newbie (and not-so-newbie!) errors and fast-track their wealth creation goals.  
Without it, you will waste your time stuck in 'Hobby Investor Mode' and make expensive mistakes that can YEARS to recover from!
With it, you can eliminate the 'newbie error' and enjoy the benefit of 'NOT' making expesive mistakes and letting your wealth grow and compound from day 1.  

Avoid the drama and expense poor investments, and enjoy more of the "good life" instead!
Happy investing!
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